American College Development Solutions

ACDS is an international organization dedicated to the development of international junior athletes into College-bound student- athletes, helping to expand their academic, athletic, personal and cultural skill-sets, while guiding them towards their ultimate goal of joining the ranks of the NCAA.

Who are we?

And what makes our programs so effective?

People Dedicated to Change

ACDS is comprised of a dedicated group of university, academic and athletics specialists, who saw a need for a meaningful change in how junior athletes, both in the U.S. and abroad, were preparing for college athletics. Specifically, a need for improving the opportunities available to them to achieve their goals, and the need for comprehensive solutions designed for today's family unit. Since 2012, ACDS has pioneered and lead a movement to improve both American and international communities' access to such solutions and opportunities.

Relevant Programs for Real Needs

In the space where junior athletics borders the world of college sports, ACDS Programs deliver the world’s most up-to-date, effective and family-relevant solution. Each enrollee undergoes a process of accelerating their standing for college athletics, with the family's experience and final result as top priorities. ACDS team leaders are equipped with proprietary data modelling software and vast resources, to deliver meaningful tools and real solutions to families so that they can manage their time, finances and decision-making with a true sense of clarity. Incorporating their feedback and holding the needs of our families at the highest priority has proven to alleviate the stresses of what can otherwise be an overwhelming development process.

International Presence and U.S. Engagement

Though an American-founded organization, ACDS has built a worldwide presence in view of improving equal access to college sports opportunities, and works with junior athletes in 11 countries. On a daily basis, ACDS interacts with its families in the U.S. and around the globe, coupling innovative telecommunication and reporting systems with a multitude of face-to-face meetings that are built into the structured, but personalized program curriculum of each enrollee.

Tools, Infrastructure and Assets

In harness with our curriculum, the ACDS organization is operates within a collective system of key stakeholders and decision-makers, all adding unique and irreplaceable value to the development of our student-athletes. Enrollees take advantage of our ever-growing foundation of U.S. assets, sources of real-time college information, dedicated program facilitators, and official partnerships with key players in the development process such as American athletic associations, corporate supporters and university admissions offices. The unique scope of our organization allows our team to deliver junior athletes and their families with real-value, tangible college development opportunities throughout their program enrollment - leading to maximized enrollee results and life long benefits.

Who is enrolled in our programs?

And what do they achieve?

Junior Athletes ages 11 to 15 82% gaining a competitive advantage with an early start 82%
North American Families 47% Residing Full-Time in the U.S. & Canada 47%
International Families 53% From 11 countries around the world 53%
Academics over Athletics 71% Being the key factor in shaping student-athlete goals 71%
Alumni Playing on a College Team 100% As an esteemed member of the NCAA 100%
Scholarship Recipients 81% Both Athletic and Academic 81%
Early Committments 54% Before Starting their Junior Year 54%
A Better Result Than Expected 89% In College Admissions 89%

Where are our student-athletes going?

Below are just some of the colleges at which ACDS student-athletes are currently attending or have committed to attend

To learn more about our programs for College Golf Development

We are here to help, and love to hear from players, parents and coaches. It never hurts to reach out to ACDS to ask questions and learn more about how you can advance your standing for College golf.

Check out some of our AJGA events

ACDS is the Title Sponsor of the AJGA Junior All-Star Series. Check out some of this season's Junior All-Star events below - and the hundreds of college coaches in attendance looking for student-athletes who are preparing early.